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Coaching Services

 Wow! I started seeing Betsy when I was  struggling as a leader. My tactics were no longer effective and my work output, employees, and confidence were all suffering the consequences. Betsy not only helped me rediscover who I was and what I needed to be professionally, but did it by helping me understand others and learn how my approach needs to vary based on situations. I would highly recommend Betsy to anyone who is struggling professionally or simply needs an opinion in how to handle a new or different situation in the workplace.

                                              Todd G.,  Finance   

Interview Prep

Hello Betsy!

I did get a chance to read your email before the interview and I appreciated your email so much! I was a little nervous walking in to the interview, but when I sat down, I felt as comfortable as I did toward the end of our meeting. So not so nervous. 

Some of the questions they asked me were very similar to the questions we went over last night and others were not. But I was able to thank about the scenarios and suggestions we talked about it to answer the questions clearly. 

Overall, I felt that I did well and felt very good about it afterward. And really, it is all thanks to you. You certainly helped me and I am very grateful. They said I would hear back by the middle to end of next week. I will let you know if I land the job and I am excited to hear back.


I have also thought of a couple of people that I will direct to your website as well. 

Best wishes,

Miguel H. 


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