Interactive Development

EveryDay Leadership


 Give leaders the skillset to create a Culture of Engagement. At each stage of the performance development cycle, learners will acquire at least one simple tool that contributes to Employee Engagement.  The sum of the parts leads to a cultural change that aligns with current best practices. Content includes: 

  • Culture of Engagement
  • Self-Awareness;
  • Communication 
  • Goal Setting
  • Holding People Accountable 
  • Motivating Others to Perform 
  • Performance Conversations that Engage  

EveryDay Development


 The tools taught in EveryDay Leadership are simple and flexible.  Once leaders are comfortable  as managers who engage  , they are ready for EveryDay Development. This course does a deep dive into how to leverage motivation to hold people accountable, enhance efficiency by assigning the right task to the right person, and building a long-term performance plan that keeps costs low and gets results. Participants will return to work with a system that they can use to manage the talent equation at work. Expect growth. #ShowThemHowYouGrowThem  

Effective Teams


 Every team is different, and their challenges are different as well.  Strengths Unlimited will work with you to customize an affordable activity-based team event.  After our debriefing, your team will have a better understanding of your expectations and they will have tools that will propel them to achievement.  

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Performance Coaching


Performance Coaching is driven by a goal to change some workplace behaviors to propel advancement.  As your coach, I can be hired by the company or by someone seeking coaching (the protege).  Coaching conversations are always confidential between the coach and the protege.  When the protege's company hires the coach, summary comments and observations may be shared in a meeting between the coach, protege, and an organizational representative.

Because performance strategies often require behavioral change, coaching engagements are typically 6 one-hour meetings over 3 months.

Career Coaching


New careers are rarely discovered in newspapers any more, but all resources that help are worthy.  We will use coaching techniques to uncover transferable skills,  connect them to existing job openings, assign job-search homework, and build your confidence in your capabilities.  Special attention is given to  transforming your resume so you get the interview. You may choose to use coaching encounters as interview prep, as well.

Career coaching generally requires 6 meetings with significant work between meetings.  Depending on availability, these meetings can be spaced weekly or every-other-week.



Strengths Unlimited welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to support your company's development.  Projects that we have worked on include:

  • Administer engagement survey  & improvement planning
  • Design on-boarding curriculum
  •  Study turnover; recommend action plans
  • Design an internship program
  • Convert job profiles to include competencies
  • Write behavioral based interview guides 
  • Redesign performance reviews 
  • Screening applicants
  • Conducting exit interviews and tabulating data quarterly.